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Default Am I Too Big?

Hi everyone,
I know there is already a thread on penis size but this is really important and I'm really worried, people tend not to reply as much on pre-made threads.

I might need some girls advice here as well. Anyway, I just turned fifteen and although I do look slightly older than the rest of my classmates in facial features etc, it is the size of my penis that really worries me. I have gone to many different penis-size sites with surveys etc and I am really worried, a question that people often ask is if it is normal for their penis to be small, but I have the opposite problem, my penis (when erect averages around 23cm), but this can also vary greatly (5cm either side). I have a girlfriend and I'm really worried that she will... You know... that we wont be able to do it when the time comes.

Although I am proud (in a stupid masculine way) to have a big penis, do you think I should see a doctor about this problem? If my penis can nearly reach 30cm without actually being with a girl, I'm really worried about what will actually happen when I have sex for the first time my girlfriend is not very big and I'm sure it wont fit, can someone please please help me. Any girls out there who have had sex please offer advice. I'm really worried.
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