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Originally Posted by Squeegie View Post
I'm kind of worried about my penis size...

I just recently turned 15, and my penis is no more than 3 inches when soft... isn't this really small for my age? I mean I know I've always been some what of a late bloomer..but I thought penis growth came earlier than this, because I now have a lot more pubic hair, and armpit hair than I used to, but my penis just won't seem to keep up with everything else..

I am sorry for internet screaming at you, but why the fuck should you care about a soft dick? Tell me what will you do with it? Hmm? Besides piss with it.. Or do you need a meatwad of a horse to release your body fluids?

Some 15 year olds have 3-4 inch erected penises so be glad and stop thinking about your dick...

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