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Default Re: People who are different for the sake of being different

idk why i chose to start this argument, im not going to change the beliefs of an entire culture. i'm kinda bored with it.
death isn't beautiful. death is nothing. life is beautiful. theres no happiness without sadness and no sadness without happiness. theres an unlimited amount of things you can do, learn, and feel with your life. death is nothing. death isn't beautiful. no one can truly mean it when they say that death is beautiful and if they mean it then i dont see why they havent killed themselves already. and black is a depressing color.
i think the emo crowd is tied with the goth and punk crowd as the most bizarre crowds. they put effort into looking the most unnatural. i'm a nobody who hangs out with either the goth/emo/punk (the rockers) crowd or the gamers but i dress slightly rockerish (suprise!) because i wear eyeliner, rocker belts, hot topic jewlery, and skater shoes everyday and i play guitar. i dont know if i consider myself part of the culture but i dont like the way my eyes look without eyeliner, i think gothic jewlery is interesting, skater shoes are comfy, rocker belts look cool, and i happened to find a guitar in storage and i enjoy listening to rock music.
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