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Default Re: People who are different for the sake of being different

Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
you all seem to be annoyed that i consider the goth and emo crowds (and i'm gonna throw in the punks, scene, and hardcore) to be similar. i'm not saying that their beliefs are similar, but that the way the rest of the world looks at them is. the rest of the world sees that they all wear a lot of black, they all make their hair look unnatural, and they all seem to shop at hot topic.
i fucking hate hot topic

the people there just completely meet the stereotypes of emo and goth


that is my understanding

Tortured Beauty has a very good, and obvious point

we see everyone as different

this debate really isnt going to be solved, unless you dont understand the simple logic that we are all entitled to our opinions. i think everyone knows that, so now, we can just go and give reasons why we dont like these individuals. we may have already done that, but i dont think we have capped on that as much as we should.

heres something to start us off:

-who do you think is the most bizarre?

-give one main reason as to why

-what group would you classify yourself?
(prep, goth, emo, gangsta, skater, other(if other, name))

-why do you choose to be a part of this culture?

-what are some positive things that you have received from being a part of this culture?

-what are some negative things that you have received from being a part of this culture?

fill it out, and i will fill it out later because i have to go to bed

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