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Exclamation The bisexual female has 2 questions :P

Howdy,I'm sorta new here but I have a few questions I was hoping for answers too.

Well okay the first is about a friend.We've known eachother for about 10 years(and I'm only 15 so most of my life) but recently I've felt differently towards her.I'm not exaclty sure what I mean here I guess it just kinda feels like when we hug it's not so much in a friendly way anymore.She doesn't know I'm bi and I don't think she knows I'm sorta attracted to her but for some reason it feels like she's flirting back.I mean we even had a joke going for a while where we told everyone we were dating and I ended it cause it hit to close to home.Anyways I'm wondering what I should do.Should I confront her about or just let it go?

Number 2....Well being bi at such a young age it's hard to find girls willing to admit to their interest in the same sex.And I've felt really lonely alot lately because in high school everyone's dating someone and if your not you feel like a major loser.So I was wondering if anyone had any advice on finding someone my age with the same sexual preferences.I mean I can't go to a gay club and I can't post an online profile,so what is there for me?Anyways poste away.Anything,even if you think it's stupid and not very helpful.Thankz.
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