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Originally Posted by deadpie View Post
Are you implying the male sex has only relied on the gospel of Christianity only and no other religion and/or philosophy? That's not very rational. You do realize there's more than one religion in the world? You do realize some people also rely on what they know is true rather then what might be true (Which probably isn't due to the strong lack of evidence and evidence that proves those faiths wrong thanks to basic science)?

Hell, I know a man who've relied on nothing but tacos to stay alive for weeks at a time. Worked out for him. Then you have the Christian child relying on the Bible while dying of an incurable disease, then dies. Wow! That really worked out for her! That's sarcasm if you didn't know.

Pretty much what I'm trying to say is

Tacos > God
Maybe I shoulda posted that in the "Unpopular opinions" thread. What I mean (and I think you know what I mean) is that the Gospel is my reality. And you know what? It works for me.
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