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Default Re: People who are different for the sake of being different

Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
i think those trackies are ugly but much simpler and not as bizarre looking as what a goth or emo person wears. in comparison to the rest of the modern world, yes, they are the most bizarre looking crowd.
Nope, in comparison to YOUR world maybe. I've travelled a lot of the world, Amsterdam had more gothic and punks than preps/gangsta's. In fact it's mainly the western world that gangsta' seems to be present. Therefore they're the odd balls by your standards.

Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
and i never said they looked rediculous or gross, they just look bizarre. and they can't say they don't want to draw attention when how they make themselves look is so bizarre.
So when you wear a slightly revealing top, would you say it's for attention? no, you'd say either it's comfy, or you like the look.

I dress the way I do not to be judged or get odd glares, merely to show off my fashion sense, just as you would.

You're being very judgemental of those who don't fit your (more likely your parents) definition of normal.
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