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Default Re: people who are different for the sake of being different

Originally Posted by Hyper View Post
'' Rebels '' just want attention
Anyone who stereotypes themself under rebels, wants attention. Anyone who stereotypes themselves, wants attention. If someone meets me, and then labels me a rebel, I'm not seeking attention, it's just their perception of my actions.

Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
[i'm going to get very stereotypical, only because it seems to be true in most cases. and i'm going to go straight out and say it, i'm challenging the beliefs of the emo/goth crowd, just to make it clear. and i'm NOT saying they're the same crowd but i consider them to be extremely similar.]

sure its possible but what is more realistic?

adolecents who truley believe that death and pain are beautiful.

or adolecents who want to fit in with a crowd?
Every scene has people like this, emo is just the current craze and easiest to point out. Goth and Emo are quite different actually. The main difference being intelligence and perception. Emo's seem more focused on fashion and being sad when alone or for attention in groups. Gothic are more focused on intellectual discussion (I'm talking older crowd-ish, not 13 year old goths). The leader of a gothic group of over 600 in my city, doesn't wear clothes that fit the stereotype, he just wears black shirts.

Yes, at a young age though, many people rebel for the sake of rebelling. I think Death can be a beautiful thing, it's the final escape from this plain of perception. Pain isn't beautiful in my opinion, that's more an emo cutting thing.

Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post
yeah, i hate emo and goth kids too.
Good job, in the first line you already put words in his mouth. He says he doesn't UNDERSTAND them, and hangs with them. He clearly doesn't HATE them.

Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post
everything about them just makes me want to kick them in the nuts and mess up their hair.

Jane, i agree with you, about how these kind of people are just ridiculous. Most of these kids just act "emo" and "goth" or w/e to make other friends, because they previously had none.
A) All scenes have people obsessed with fashion, in fact preppy girls spend longer straightening their hair than most emo's do gelling

I don't act the way I do to make friends, but again I'm not some young mall goth/emo.

Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post
there are true "emo" kids, and true "goth" kids, as in kids who have had so much hardship that they dont trust anything anymore and so the reject reality and substitute their own. even "preps" and "ghetto bitchezz" have had this happen too.
Since when has their been a pre-requisite for you to have to have gone through a hardship? Emo SHOULD have hardship to be depressed so goddamn much. Gothic is more a love for the poetic side of death, no hardship, just abstract thought (or posing as having it).

The only people I know who claim they "reject reality and substitute their own" are extreme drug users :/

Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post
for instance, i knew a girl who was very good looking, and she dressed very casually. in 8th grade, she got a little more sided towards the "emo" crowd with music and dress style. now, at 9th grade, she's absolutely fucking ridiculous and i just want to punch her in the face. she has dull black hair, and she "emo's" the hell out of it with extensions and spurts of tiny color amounts here and there. she's also obsessed with Hello Kitty (the "emo" way to be obsessed with it), she wears way too much make up, and she photoshops her myspace pictures to make herself look even more "hardcore" and "scene". i hate that girl now too because of her appearance, and her views, which are basically the opposite on everything in comparison to myself.
Too bad you lost a friend, but don't blame the scene. It just probably matched her unspoken beliefs the best. We're not attracted to that which our beliefs oppose.

And for a final kicker, I've come across arguing the gothic/emo side quite a bit. I'm merely playing Devil's Advocate. If you must stereotype me, I'm a mash up of Gothic (Love for poetic tales of death / intelligence) Punk (Mohawk, Anti-system, change our government, NOT pro-anarchic punk) and I'm also mainly a raver.
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