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Default Jealously + Anger = Destruction

Umm, my father died back in early December and ever since then I've been feeling really down. See, he wasn't one of those dead beat no good dads, he was the most loving most careing person I ever knew. I had been having these feeling before his death but its like they were magnified after his death. I start my day feeling alright but its like the smallest most stupidest thing would just screw up my entire day. Stuff that really shouldn't matter. I go out to the mall on the weekends with my family but its like now I start to see thinge that I've never noticed before. Its like EVERY boy I see is with their father and every guy I see has his son on his shoulders or is holding their hand or is walking with them..stuff me and my dad used to do. Feeling of sadness, grief, then jealousy and anger start to flood my brain all at once. No one know about this cuz I hide it as much I can. My dad was the only one that ever saw me down. I herd that depression is like when you feel bad for like days on end and you don't know why, but I feel good and sometimes I feel very happy. well my question is what is wrong with me. Do I need help? I've been thinking of asking my mom to take me to a shrink or something cuz other stuff that I think happened to me in the past has really been bothering for a long time and I don't know what to do.

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