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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Well i was always into girls, Then at 12 i started noticing in the few months of me watching P0rn i was mainly looking at the guys, And then my friend who slept in his boxers or woulf play fight with me and normally pull me inbetween his legs, I got turned on by it all.
But then i got confused as i started feeling feelings for this girl who was a VERY good friend of mine before, So good infact she was my frist ever freind, Then we had an on and off relationship but i never kissed her or anything, So then i decided to just end it, But on my third time going out with her, I met the guy i like still to this day, I just need him to know that, But yeah, I decided i am gay now ha ha

Any people having issues with their LGBT status, PLEASE read my blog!
Hey I'm Kieran, 18 Homosexualsapien
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