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Originally Posted by jumpthedog View Post
Ok, when I masterbate, I get done, (dont actually ejaculate, just pre-cum and that awesome feeling) I have to pee shortly after. I mean like reeeaaally badly have to pee. When I do pee, it burns like heck and the pain varies. So it has slowly pushed my to masterbate less. This happens normally, but sometimes I don't have to pee, everything comes out and its all good. Also, sometimes I don't have to pee badly afterwards. but it hurts when the pre-cum comes out and that feeling goes by. Can someone explain this?
I'm not going to even pretend to know why it is, although I assume it has something to do with the fact that different 'tubes' are being used and that causes some irritation and the peeing sensation, I do know that it's a fairly common and normal thing. It used to happen to me a lot and I've read a few times on here that it affects people to varying degrees, however if you think that it is unreasonably unpleasant and painful then you really should seek a professionals opinion.

Originally Posted by Jake777dylan View Post
I have got into using porn to masterbate but over the past few weeks I have tride to get
Off the porn thing but everytime I try to masterbate it's dull and boring why is this
If you're a virgin or someone with limited experience then masturbating without porn will rely on your imagination, your imagination won't be able to recreate the feelings of sexual contact because you haven't had any/much so porn is 'better' for you in this situation because it's the closest you've had to it. If you're relatively sexually active, or have been in the past, then it's more likely that porn just represents the ideal sexual partner and situation as opposed to what you have experienced.

Originally Posted by Ninjanoodle14 View Post
Has anyone ever fingered themselves in the anus cause I tried and it was just uncomfortable and almost hurt.
I have done it in the past and I continue to do it occasionally now. It can be a very pleasurably experience if you're willing to put the effort in, there shouldn't be excessive levels of pain however - so if you're really hurting yourself just stop and be careful.

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