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Default Re: Embarrassing OCD Habits

I have to pet my puppy every time I go to bed as she sleeps in my bed and I have to make sure she is there, and I grit my teeth while doing it.

I check my phone at times even though I know no one has txted me or will.

I check thinks like the front door and oven and will do it multiple times before I go to bed, I always sneak into the hallway at night before going anywhere.

I have to erase everything I typed if I make one mistake same with writing.

I go through the things I have in my head multiple times before I leave.

I rub at ink stains on my arms till it turns red, I have to correct mistakes.

If I rub myself in one place a number of times I have to do it again until it feels right,

I can't sit in one position for too long.

My leg shakes at random times and it happens a lot.

My weight has to be watched, when I eat a lot I freak out and worry that I am fat.

Pencils and pigs have to be straight on my desk.

Papers have to be straight on my desk.

If I do something interesting I do it multiple times.

If I lie one way and move I have to lie the same way for it it feel right, which it never does.

Crooked things annoy me.

Everything has to be symmetrical.

Thanks to band I mark time at random times and I have to march in time.

I march when I need to walk.

I stretch in multiple seconds of 4 and two sets of them going half way then all the way.

15 year old fun loving anti-social bi teen, who love his friends, and mates! Awesome personality, once you get to know him. Is a furry and I am damn proud!

Tomorrow is going to be another day. Our Town

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