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Originally Posted by check it View Post
Race Size

Black 6.89" (175 mm)
Asian 5.33" (135 mm)
Caucasian 6.22" (158 mm)
Hispanic 6.15" (156 mm)
Native American 5.66" (144 mm

just what I found...
I believe that was a survey, but not a study. Another survey, by, found:

• African/black: 6.74" (-0.15")
• Native American: 6.49" (+0.83")
• Middle Eastern: 6.28" (-)
• European/white: 6.26 (+0.04")
• Hispanic: 6.03" (-0.12")
• Asian/Pacific Islander: 5.50" (+0.17")

This survey came out to an averae penis size of like 6.3", though, which is way above what most studies have found (5.0"-5.7"). I'd take anything with a grain of salt. It might be that certain races are more likely to lie to fit to stereotypes.


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