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Default Re: startin to get depressed

i try but i cant get her out of my head it suks how the only person that can help u is the actuall person that hurts you. when i try to forget her and tell myself shes just a mean stupid girl, i just get really mad, but at the end i just remember that she hates me but is nice to my friend and i start having an emotionalp breakdown again. if she asid she didnt like me but would still be friends and stuff and not hate me i would be fine, but she just HATES the idea of me likeing her. she even asked my friends to tell me that they hate her and think i should like someone else(choose anme here)just to get me not to like her. and 1 of my friends even did that. when i figured out i was really upset im not cutting or thinking of scuicide though, im just not a person like that, i know that it dosnt help. i just want to be happy
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