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Default Re: Someone Please Help.

Originally Posted by RainbowOnBlack View Post
i have really weird sexual thoughts about people like teachers.
Well I don't know about females [though I assume it works.. 'metephorically' the same], but I know that curiosity like this is common in male puberty. It might be nice to bring this up or look this up in the Puberty for Girls board.

Define weird, though. That might lead to a different solution. However I can slice it though, it doesn't sound like OCD, per se.

Originally Posted by RainbowOnBlack View Post
i have a weird reocurring like vision almost of cutting deep down my arm. i do self harm anyway, it helps with the anxiety.
Would also be nice to bring this up in the Cutting & Self Harm board. I'm not quite sure this is an OCD, either.

Originally Posted by RainbowOnBlack View Post
i double check when i lock doors.
That could be an OCD depending on how much you do it. However, it doesn't sound like it is something that is severe, annoying, harmful, etc. (I could look at this as a good thing....)

Originally Posted by RainbowOnBlack View Post
i cant do certian things on fear of hurting people.even my old friends that have rejected me.
I think that might just be caring for the human nature, and not necessarily an OCD. I do this, too - I could never physically or emotionally hurt anyone, at least not badly, on fear of what might happen to me or them. (Trust me, I would like to slug a couple people right upside their empty noggin..)

As mentioned, though, the only person who is certified to tell and trained in this feild is a doctor, therapist, etc. I would strongly recommend therapy, or at least discussing the possibility of therapy with your parents. It doesn't sound like your life has been a piece of cake, and coming from that standpoint myself, therapy could probably help. Just think about it, and hopefully all turns out well either way.

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