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Default Re: Most embresing puberty moments

I was horney all day at school so by the time school was out at 3:00 I had to go straight tofootball practice. It was really crappy that day. Anyways I went out on the field for about 10 minutes and I was so hornoy that I wanted to get off. So i told my coach I had to leave eairly. I went inside to the locker rooms and took my pads off and just started to jack off on the bench. I guess it started to rain real bad so the coaches cancled practice. So i was sitting there on the bench just beating off for about 20 minutes when one of the guys came in. Righ before he turned the cornonr i threw my practice jerey over my cock so he wouldent see what i was doing. He told me that practiced was cancled because of the waether and that everyone was coming in to change. So in the end I had to sit on the bench for an extra half hour while everyone got changed and left before I could put my boxers back on. It wasent really embarrising jsut scary.
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