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Default Re: Someone Please Help.

sorry about the above message. I put my e-mail in there thats why. wasen't trying to spam.

Anyways the sexual thoughts about your teacher isent connsidered OCD.
Self harm could have something to do with it. OCD could be passed as a genetic disorder so don't think its ever your fault casue it's not. Depresttion is a common thing among people that have OCD (that's probably where the harm comes in). Checking your doors twice is also pretty common. If you do it 6-7 times then I think you could call it OCD. I count my money alot but It's not really OCD its something I do because I forget. In your case about the doors you could be worried about someone coming in. If your in high school or will be and they offer a psychcology class I strongley recomend taking it because most of them go into a great lesson about emotions and health disorders.
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