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Default Re: what's wrong with me!?

maybe you havent been kissed because your arent outgoing enough?

theres already been fine advice on the actual relationships, so im going to mention a different thing

if you want to be kissed, which im sure you do, just go to a party and make out with some guy. lol, guys dont really mind if they are single and you are attractive to them.

theres a good combination with sexual attraction, personality and looks.

you need to be at least decent looking otherwise a guy wont want to be sexually attracted with you, and you also need to be very outgoing, this is just being flirty and hinting that you are the girl who will give him some (in lack of better terms)

to be honest, i dont care, and neither to the 20 kids that i hang around, if a good looking single girl is slutty and i get action from her. maybe some guys do, and so youll basically just have to choose the right guy to hook up with.

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