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Default Re: i need help!!! plz

Originally Posted by Octo22 View Post
Age does matter. I personally can't stand people that say it doesn't.

When you're young it puts you both at very different times in your life, however if she's worth it, you'll accept this difference and work past it. It will be tough, but if you truely like this girl, it'll be worth it.
i totally agree, age does make a big difference. Yes it can be over come.

Originally Posted by mRojas2000 View Post
Age doesn't matter as long as there's love, so stfu
Love? Really?? This girl is in sixth grade, r u even sure that this girl understands love in deepth, something even alot of adults dont even understand. What were u thinkin bout in sixth grade, because i sure wasn't think nothin like that.
Alot of people think they know bout love when they dont, thats why in relationships everyone always says i love you like three days in...

If u really LIKE (see how im not sayin love) her then go for it.
honestly though i dont believe in love but i hope this wasn't a bias opinion.

Good Luck with

HMU if u ever want to talk, i luv to talk to new ppl
I promise not to bite... maybe lol

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