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Default My life in a nutshell.

Hi i am new here but i have to tell you about my life. I dunno. Maybe it'll make some of you reconsider suicide and think: Hey! My like is good--Just look at /her/ life.

So basically i screwed up somewhere in the fourth grade, and they diagnosed me with bipolar. I refused to believe it because i could not except myself. Then they dumped me in a loony bin all sorts of loonies: druggies, etc. I was in there for 8 days... Which seemed more like i've lived there my entire life. When i was finally out, i was the happiest girl alive. Or so i thought...

I got expelled from a private school during the summer after fifth grade. I swear I didn't do anything bad like beat up the kids in the younger grades or cuss out the pricapal. I just wasnt... hmm whats that word? Compatible? Who knows.

I started 6th grade at a public school. I thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread getting to wear whatever I want to school. Heh, that is the LEAST of my worries. I didnt exactly make friends. Lets just say that even though I look like i couldnt hurt anybody. (im 5'2" and i weigh between 85-90 lbs.) I am very mean. I dont mean to be, its kinda hard to explain. I guess I'm just really rude and can sometimes have an attitude.

I wasn't very `good` when I entered jr. high this year. I would always give my math teacher an attitude and my friends said at one point she was actually afraid of me.

Any advice to make my life better or at least seem better?

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