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Reaffirming my beliefs:

Why should I give a fuck if there's anyone up there? Three things could happen:

A) There is/are a deity(ies) that are unjust and whimsical, and because of which my afterlife is attributed to chance because there is no evidence for their existence therefore I don't believe in them.

B) There is/are a deity(ies) that are just and as such will determine my fate based on actions taken in my life rather than the utterly stupid "virtue" of faith.

C) There is/are no deity(ies) and when I die, my existence and consciousness goes with it.

Three things. And the existence of a "higher power" seems so ludicrous to start with that it's actually rather laughable to begin with.

We live in a universe billions of light years across. Where is your deity? Where does it's consciousness reside, and how can it influence life on Earth, or any other lifeform anywhere in the universe? When people die, they say that "They're up there in Heaven now...".

The funny thing is, a person saying "They're up there" in New York would be saying "They're down there" in Shanghai.

And if this deity exists outside this universal plane of existence (in more than four dimensions), he has no feasible way of influencing life here on Earth, or any where in the Universe, for that matter.

There is no "soul", no quintessential life force that binds the world together. Your thoughts are chemical in origin, your emotions completely synaptic, your personality molecular. When you die, those electrons in your brain stop moving and what made you ceases to exist. That's it. There is no "great darkness", no "black jaws of infinity", simply non-existence. Remember before you were born? That's right, you don't. It's exactly like that after you die.

Now, here's the question: Why do we need an afterlife?

Answer: Life is so fucking fantastic, so ephemeral, so bloody perfect that we don't want to let go.

And that's the crux of the matter.

Isn't this enough? Just... THIS? This one life, amidst others just like ourselves? This existence, living among the stars. We are only tiny motes of consciousness, drifting amongst the tides of existence, and we cannot help but feel a sense of wonder at the cosmos above and the world here below.

I don't believe in a God, a Yahweh, a Zeus, a Tao, a Pantheon, a nirvana, a moksha, a Loa... For the sole fact that there isn't one.

Some of you may call this faith. I don't care. Not now, not before, not ever.

No one has ever proved to me empirically or logically the existence of a higher power, or showed me that higher power directly and without doubt, and no one has ever given me a reason other than fear to believe in an afterlife, therefore I don't.

Is this faith? Perhaps.

What is my evidence? My existence.

EDIT: "Religion gives people a sense of hope." So, people should take comfort in bigoted and hurtful beliefs simply so they can have a little hope?

Nature is not kind. Nature is not cruel. Nature is indifferent. It may be that the universe is a completely hopeless place, a hostile and evil place that owes you no sense of hope.

I do not believe this is the case. I think the vast majority of beings have the capability of seeing and feeling "good", and as such want to proliferate that goodness to others. But we simply can't. There is enough evil in this system we call "citizenship" and "life on Earth" that it overshadows the good.

Sure, there is greed, and yes, there is violence, hate, and evil, but the scales tip in favor of the love, compassion, and joy, and not the darker side.

"It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees"
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