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Default Re: masterbating/going blind

Even though your post was a satire, Zach, it was really formal and I don't want guys here getting confused.

Ok, then Ant, I did work hard to list the other confusions people might have. Please PM me next time, thank you very much.

Other myths about side effects may include:
hairy palms
enlarging/shrinking of penis
shrinkage of testicles
hair loss
chronic fatigue
HIV/AIDS or other STI/STDs

These are all common misconceptions. NONE of them are true! Sure, other things can result from over-masturbation or using the wrong lube, but I can't remember all of them because my post was edited and I was not informed that it was a satire.

There isn't much to worry about when masturbating. It's a great stress reliever! =]

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