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Default My boyfriend's cum..

Alright.. I've just been wondering this.

I'm 20.. my boyfriend is 25.. and we've been with each other for over a year.. we waited like 5 or 6 months before having sex with each other from when we met/got together. (Useless info...I'll get to the point..)

His cum is usually very clear and not thick at all.. However.. it HAS been white and thickish in the past.. so.. I'm just wondering what affects it. I know he has been through puberty.. lol.. He's 25.. so.. definitely. He jacks off ALL the time.. so I'm thinking that has a lot to do with it. Also.. I believe food affects it.. I know it affects the taste of it.. the poorer the diet.. the more salty/gross the cum is.. and his is usually tasteless (He's Mr. Health/Skinny boy).. so.. I guess my question is.. since it's been white before.. even though it's clear usually.. does it just mean I need to ground him from jacking off so I can get the white kind again? (Sidenote: Does clear cum mean less spermies floating around to get you pregnant? Or does that even matter at all? It just seems like white cum would be full of babies.)
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