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Default Should we be worried?

Hey. So, my identical brother and I are both 17, and we're really close. Lke, ever since we were kids, we've slept side by side in the same bed, played together at school, and though we both have a lot of friends at school, we're both each other's best friends. When we hit puberty, and we're not really sure how it happened, but we started mastrubating together. And about a year ago, we found out that we're both gay (we're absolutely sure now, because neither of us is attracted to girls at all) and we sometimes give each other oral. Anyways, we've talked about it some... Should we be worried? I mean, we still want boyfriends, and we've both had a couple too, but should we be worried?

PS. This account is for both of us. I agree with what my brother said, especially in the top part. We know some families where the kids do nothing but fight all the time, and despite the differences we sometimes have, we're really glad that our relationship is so close. And I've had more boyfriends than he's had. =P

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