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Originally Posted by Cmh71592 View Post
Well, I'm gonna be 15 in July, and I started getting straight pubic hair in probably september, or something, and now, it's gotten thicker, and darker, but not curlier. If I were to shave now, would it take as long as it did to grow back? Or would it grow quicker, because I hear once you shave, it grows back quicker.

I have a tiny bit of underarm hair, and I haven't measured my package, like everyone else on this site. I haven't ejaculated ever, but everytime i masturbate, i feel as if I'm going to, then a little burst of pee comes out.

I am about 5'7, and 120 pounds, I have a 6 pack, and pecks, but can only bench about 115-120. Is this because my arms haven't fully gotten into puberty, making it harder to gain muscle?

Please help. Being in 9th grade, and not having a developed voice is brutal >_>

I also think this is hurting my chances with the ladies, they don't want a guy who hasn't fully hit puberty yet.

dude, PM me for an AIM screen name

i can help you out so much with this because im in 9th grade and im about the same stage as you, but a little more ahead in some places.

i can really help you out bro so just give me your AIM sn if you want any...

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