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Default Re: the choking game

Originally Posted by ~FAtUM~ View Post
I've been unable to breath a few times when my wind pipes closed (not the game)
and it sucks
Its a stupid game
Teens are so sheltered and protected in our modern world that were seeking out danger on our own
often with crappy consiquences
....I've done allot of stuff

the underlined part i underlineded, yea same, that happened to me once and yeah itdoes suck. and its hard to talk to explain to people that you cant talk when you're in the position.
and yea i agree, many teens are just foolish and create 'games' that are dangerous enough to kill them
luckily, no one in my school has played it, so it hasnt been spreading here enough for someone i actually know, to die
hopefully that will never happen (when someone i know dies)
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