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Orchdork, I have to read your posts because this is my thread.

Originally Posted by countrygeek View Post
So, in a nutshell, what are y'all saying? To just totally get rid of both Rep Power and Points, just Power, just Points, etc etc.

If it were up to me, I'd probably go ahead and (if there was a way) make it so Rep Points were displayed under Rep Power (which I don't understand why they aren't now). Also, I would base it on the Points, not the Power. Points are a reflection on what the users think - Power is just what the computer tabulates...
We'd have to get rid of the Rep system altogether if we wanted to get rid of one. It's a system - your Rep Power affects how much you can add/take away from someone's Rep Points. W/o Rep Power, your Rep Points can't change and w/o Rep Points, what is there a need for Rep Power?
Rep Points are probably kept private because some people have less than others. Some might feel bad about this. Those can only hope to improve.

Just because you don't gain Rep Points doesn't mean the system is at a standstill. You may use it barely...but it's still there. You might get some, you might give some. Best is to give when it feels right.

Rep Power is not JUST determined by how long you've been here. I have a Rep Power of 6 and 60+ Rep Points, and I've been here for 1 year and almost 2 months with 2,000+ posts.

I had a Rep Power of 4 when I had 40+ Rep Points and 1,500+ posts and been here for 1 year. When I reached 2,000 posts, I got 5 Rep Power. When I got 60+ Rep Points, I reached 6 Rep Power.
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