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Default Re: The Nuance and Complexity of my Crush

Originally Posted by *Dissident* View Post
So. This is another one of those "Plz healp me i ahve a crush on a grl!!!" threads. except, this one has a lot more in depth and complicated things working all at once, and requires nuance, timing, and grace to accomplish. While impossible for anyone on VT to know all of the details surrounding my crush and I, I will do my best to explain them well enough to give you a general understanding of the situation, so that you, the VT community, can aid one of your own peers in his quest for a date.

So, where do I get started...general details, I guess?

1. My exgirlfriend and I still like eachother as friends.
A. My exgirlfriend has many of the same friends I do.
i. She has an awesome amount of influence over them in regards to me.
B. My exgirlfriend HATES the person I have a crush on, for a lot of various reasons.

Thus, we can conclude that, If my ex hates my crush, her friends, which are also my friends, hate her too.

2. My crush has said No before.
A. A few months ago, I concidered dumping my ex for this girl. it didnt work out.
B. I don't know if she will say yes to me as I am now.

3. My crush regards me as somewhat unfavorable.
A. my overall disposition is negative, as far as she is concerned.
B. I AM planning on becoming a more desirable person
i. losing weight over the summer
ii. becoming more of an independant spirit
iii. becoming a closer friend to my crush through
a. compliments
b. conversation
c. other stuff

now, thats just the surface of the matter. there are a lot of other influences floating around, but thats all we need to deal with now. so...what do you guys think/suggest?

So lets see you think your crush would probly reject you? You could loose your ''friends'' and hmm yes and get rejected by the crush.. Idk if she doesn't really like you then why even bother? Just make your life harder.. Heh, it all depends on how much you like her.. But it would be a bitch if you got rejected by her and loose all your ''friends''

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