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Default Re: Rep, all members help

Originally Posted by DouggyO.o View Post
as of right now, none of the rep status's can be achieved except user. if this is to be done, we need the permission from the admins and the cooperation of the users.

as well as some titles( mine were just examples for what could be used.)
I think you're confusing Rep Power with Rep Points. I was talking about Rep Points...I looked on a forum with people that had 3 blocks and they had 5000+ posts and 137 Rep Points. They were also a longtime member and had a Rep Power of 13. Reaching 51+ Rep Power happen when we're 35+ years old.

It would work a quantum leap better if we used this idea for Rep Points. See, currently, you have 7 Rep Power and I have 6. I have more Rep Points than you.
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