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Default Re: Rep, all members help

their is not really much of a way to abuse it. you can only give rep to somebody 1nce for a while, you cant just keep giving them rep, VB has that installed. u need to rep other people before you can rep them again. its a way to prevent abuse of the basically, if you give rep to somebody, they are more likely to give rep back to you or somebody else.

so like now 0-10 rep could be titled User

11-25 rep could be like savior

26-40 hero

41-50 legendary

51+ could be a custom user title. so like i could put "Vt's FreshKing" or something like that

Although this method is better for image sharing forums, i could be used for posting as well.

On this forum i am part of, you share images back and forth, either to share or for requests. The rep standards are higher because it it used more often.
So like if somebody makes a request, and you find them the pic or pictures they want, they rep you.

Gennrealy this could work the same way but with posts.
if somebody has a question, and you answer them in a decent way they can either rep our take a way rep from you.

the overall concept could work if the members were willing to give it a try.
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