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Originally Posted by ThatCanadianGuy View Post
Maybe it would be easier to just go get a "bikini wax" or something like that. Even get the "do it yourself" kits you can use at home (how embarrasing can it be when you go to have it done?). Of course, pouring hot wax on your skin and ripping your hair out from the roots may sting (okay, maybe more than stings) but at least you WILL NOT itch or have irritated skin untill the roots grow back in (well your skin may be tender for a couple of days after you wax).
A professional salonist told me a story about that. She knew a person who tried a do-it-yourself wax kit with her face and she heated the wax up too hot and spilled it while she was trying to put it on. She had a red, burnt streak across her face

For your safety, have someone else help you or skip waxing kits!

I agree with DestroyTheFuture
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