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Default Re: Is jackin off different if ur uncut?

Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post
hahahaha, child abuse?

no, i think its child abuse if they cut off his dick.

im cut and i dont need to wish i was cut because i already am.

many girls that i talk to prefer it over uncut because its more "normal" in the US, as 70-80% of males are circumsized.
I'd rather not start a debate, but if you did wish you were uncut (as some guys do), you'd be screwed. An uncut guy can decide.

Also, the current circumcision rate - which has been falling for a long time - is nowhere near 70-80%. And worldwide, about 80% of men aren't circumcised. Yes, girls tend to prefer what they're used to; that is true. But with circumcision rates what they are now, I doubt that'll be a big issue.

I don't think it's child abuse - that's ridiculous. I do think circumcising healthy infants is wrong, though. But child abuse - I agree with you, that's too far.

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