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Default Re: She's Everything You Want

it's not always that easy Tim. Beautiful, u and i r probably a lot a like we get attached way 2 eayaly, most girls do. we find a boyfriend or a girlfriend and we picture our selves with that person 4 ever. and we fall so deeply in love, and we lead our selves 2 believe that we will die or our entire lives will be distroied if they ever leave. i'm actually in a relationship like that now. so if u ever wanna talk or chat just pm or im me. it doesn't seem like it now but u'll move on i know now u don't wanna move on u just wanna sit by the phone or the door and wait 4 them 2 call or come over, but it'll get better it might take awhile but it will get better. just remember i'm here if u wanna talk.
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