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Originally Posted by NintendoFanboy View Post
Hey, could you guys give me some advice? I am a curious guy, and I've always wanted to just go up to a preteen or young teen and just hold them, and hug them, and kiss them... And lick their every mucsle. (especially abs for some reeason...) And I can't take it anymore! I really need help! I even have preteen aand few teen friends around my age! And I want to do this soooooooo badly I can't take it anymore! HELP!!! (p.s. I am 13, and the main age I would like to do this with is 10-11.) Oh, and BTW, scary part here, I,m a proud christian... :sad:, I know... P.S.S. Does anyone know how I could stop thinking about it? I'm homeschooled, and I do everything my church youth group does! (Almost...)
10-11 isn't much of an age difference from 13. Anyone who has called you a potential child rapist is wrong. Yes, those ages are young, but you're young too. Not by much. Your hormones are going to make you feel all sorts of weird things so don't worry too much. You obviously wouldn't do the things you said. They're just fantasies. Nothing to worry about.

Also, there was a few cases of double posting in this thread. Just a kind reminder to edit your posts if you want to add more information.

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