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Originally Posted by Look whos here! View Post
why is it 10-11 year olds though??
I dunno, they're just almost going into puberty I guess... And sometimes they just look so... *Dreamy look on face* hawt... *Shakes head* WHAT AM I THINKING!??!? Hey, Should this be in the Mental Crisis forum?

Originally Posted by countrygeek View Post
Why are you attracted to girls [or guys]? Why do you masturbate? I assume NFB's problem is something that just comes to him.

As for the problem.. hopefully you can grow out of it. If you really can't take it, get into some therapy. But that would be a little extreme, you would have to approach your parents, and this would all probably be a mess 5x bigger.

I almost want to say that if you are a devout/proud Chrsitian you'll somehow find the strentgh to just totally blow this off. But that's kind of hypocritical against my first statement...

Maybe a lot of activities after school would do the trick. And/Or some youth activities with your Church (if they're offered). Just set your mind to other things. I guess to me it sounds easier than it is, but I'm sure it is totally possible.

Anyways, good luck. Good on ya for making the first step - admitting.
I'm homeschooled... and also, I do almost everything my church does! *sigh*...

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