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Default Apple might sue Ann Summers

iGasm gets Apple all hot and bothered
May 28th, 2007
Not a new concept, having a sex toy hooked up to an iPod, but Ann Summers’ iGasm has certainly ruffled some feathers at Apple if only for the ads. The promotional posters for the iGasm are similar in style to the iconic iPod adverts, with a silhouetted character and bright background. According to the British newspaper News of the World this has caused Apple to send a letter to Ann Summers demanding the posters be removed or else.

“We hope this request to remove it immediately will prevent us having to consider further action.”

The response from Ann Summers CEO Jacqueline Gold is playful to say the least!

“Perhaps I can send them an iGasm to put a smile back on their faces!”

Hopefully Apple will see the funny side of this and lighten up a little bit, and anyway you have to have bought an iPod to use the iGasm. I would have thought that was a win-win situation for all concerned.

Should she get sued?

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