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Default Re: Every Girl Plese Read The Folowing And Plese Reply!

now is it most girls, or most pretty girls? i dont believe that the average girl at your school wants the guys with looks instead of guys they know well and have grown a crush on. and how would you know? did you ask every girl in the school who they like?
i know that guys are much more shallow than girls. girls could be shallow but not as much as guys. its in our dna. guys like girls who look heathy and have prominent feminine features. if it doesnt look like a girl and if it looks like its dying, it might not make babies. girls judge guys on looks in the same way but its also if we think he'd be able to take care of us while we're pregnant.
idk it bugs me when guys complain about girls being shallow. 2 weeks ago i went to this all night video game thing at a video game center with this guy i liked. instead of playing games, we just talked all night about relationships and everything and i told him how i've never been kissed and we flirted and everything until we fell asleep. then a few days later he doesnt like me anymore because he likes this girl with bigger boobs more, who he barely knew.
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