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Default Re: too much excitement and arousal

Originally Posted by Mikeyyy View Post
hey guys , ive noticed this about a year or so ago with my ex . Whenever we start hooking up and cuddling and shed start touching me , and i would start touching her i would feel myself get an errection and get HUGELY aroused .
Next thing i know i would cum , without even pulling it out just there in my pants it wld explode . Now its not like im nervous or anythn its just that i get so horny and aroused it just does it ! its bloody annoying tho , especiialy because i wont get it up after it does it . please guys help us out lol
yo Mikeyyy
that sorta happened to me before except it was a different situation, even though the scenerio was the same. i was 'cybering' online and then a few minutes later, i came .lol. and my penis was still tucked in my pants hah.
so yea it happens to some people i guess.
just really weird though
stop touching each other a lot then
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