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Default Re: what turns you on?

I don't really have a fetish. Most thing thats that turn me on pretty much turn on every red-blooded American male.

Most of all, I'm turned on by the person I'm with - her scent, the way she moves, the little things, the thoughts of giving her pleasure. When it comes to physical attention, I also like pretty standard things. I like to have my body given attention to, rubbed, licked some, maybe even nibbled (please, only in the right places!). Of course, that's physical attention, but that's the best answer.

As for sexual acts themselves, asking which are turn-ons is like asking what's fattening at a fried chicken stand. Excluding really weird stuff which I'd rather not do (and am happy to say "no" to), anything sexual is a turn-on. It doesn't even have to involve pleasure for me, as long as it gives my partner pleasure. That alone is enough to make me enjoyit.

The most important thing is to communicate. I'm sure that there are some men who hate to be nibbled or licked. And most men have additional things that turn them on but not most (I know I have a few, but I won't get into that). A sexual or physical relationship is all about communication. The best sex comes only through teamwork.

I hope that's of assistance.


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