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Default Gay Flamingos Adopt

Gay flamingos adopt a young chick

The people who run a wildlife refuge in Britain chose Carlos and Fernando, a pair of homosexual flamingos, to be foster parents when a mother abandoned her nest before a newborn chick had a chance to hatch.

"The abandoned egg was whisked off to an incubator where it was warmed up and monitored. Hours later a chick hatched safe and well, but there was a problem," the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust says in a press release.

"Parents usually first bond with their chicks as they're hatching and calling from inside the egg. So to help Carlos and Fernando bond with their new chick, WWT staff took an old eggshell, carefully popped the newborn chick inside, taped it up and returned it to Carlos and Fernando's empty nest," the group says. "The pair were soon seen 'talking' to the chick inside the egg and a little while later the chick hatched for a second time - but this time to be greeted by its' loving foster parents."

Foster chick being placed in an old eggshell to be later greeted by the gay couple

AFP says parenting should come naturally to the duo, who have been together for six years and are known to steal eggs from other nests.

They will feed the baby bird by producing milk in their throats, according to the wire service.

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