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Default Re: Rep, all members help

Originally Posted by MoveAlong View Post
Orchdork has been added to my ignore list. I can't see the content of his posts, although I know he has posted. He's been a real ass lately!

Though I can see what's in quotes. So the reason I care is, I want to know what to do. My diary Cloud Nine is only there to host the stupid guide, it's not for anything else any more.

I feel like this is the only service I provide on VT. I feel that it's something I can take care of, stand up for, and help others with, since I'm not good at talking people through their problems.

I guess I should talk to someone on this site about it...but who can I really trust? Everyone seems to have their own problems to be depressed about and I feel like the only one who doesn't want to kill myself.
I don't feel like anyone trusts me so I put the guide out so people could see that I can be proud of some hard took me 2 days to write the first guide...

Orchdork, you can really hurt someone's feelings. And you're staying on my damn ignore list.

Donnie don't talk like that! I's obvious that you've spent a lot of time making the rep guide, and it has helped a lot of people, people who have left, people who are still here, and it will help the new members when they join. You should be proud of what yo uhave sone and i think it should be advertised more, maybe made a sticky in VT HQ, also add it to the FAQ.

Also I trust you Donnie, you know we can talk about anything! You are doing a good thing for VT, and soe people are just too ignorant to see that.
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