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Originally Posted by bedroom eyes View Post
You cant ask him? Why not? You cant send a PM?
Orchdork has been added to my ignore list. I can't see the content of his posts, although I know he has posted. He's been a real ass lately!

Though I can see what's in quotes. So the reason I care is, I want to know what to do. My diary Cloud Nine is only there to host the stupid guide, it's not for anything else any more.

I feel like this is the only service I provide on VT. I feel that it's something I can take care of, stand up for, and help others with, since I'm not good at talking people through their problems.

I guess I should talk to someone on this site about it...but who can I really trust? Everyone seems to have their own problems to be depressed about and I feel like the only one who doesn't want to kill myself.
I don't feel like anyone trusts me so I put the guide out so people could see that I can be proud of some hard took me 2 days to write the first guide...

Orchdork, you can really hurt someone's feelings. And you're staying on my damn ignore list.
EDIT: and orchdork, don't talk to Jess like that. >:0[

Double edit: Alex, it would be nice to hear your opinion on it.

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