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Default Re: Every Girl Plese Read The Folowing And Plese Reply!

girls are more like guys that guys think. looks get our attention but personality keeps it. i think that money falls under the looks category. attitude falls under the personality category. but every girl is different so no guy could ask one girl what she wants in a guy. a lot of girls say they like a sensitive guy who writes poetry and talks about his feelings. i think if you say that, you might as well be a lesbian. i'm going to be really vague because i think i speak for a lot of girls. as far as looks , i like a guy who's taller than me, not too skinny or fat, has hair thats long enough to get bed head but short enough to not get too messy (but thats just me), and pretends he doesnt try to look good, but you could tell there's a little effort. for personality, i like a guy who cares about his grades, has my sense of humor, likes to talk to me, makes eye contact, and minds his manners around me.
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