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Default Re: cop makes girl do topless jumping jacks.

Originally Posted by Underground_Network View Post
Hmmm, there are a lot of confusing comments in this thread. Let me clarify some things. First of all, doing anything sexual in a car in public can get you arrested (thus the cop was telling the truth when he said he could arrest them). A standard sobriety test (testing for drunken driving) would normally be done just on the driver, and you're allowed to be drunk in a car if you're the passenger, so the passenger can't get in trouble for drinking; but a standard sobriety test does not usually involve jumping jacks. They are usually told to recite the alphabet, count up to 13 and then back down to 1, walk a straight line, follow a light, etc. But they aren't USUALLY told to do jumping jacks or any sort of exercise. And most cops would allow the driver to put on clothes in a situation like this, but there was an episode of Cops or Police Videos (I forget which because I watch both) in which there was a drunk guy riding a bicycle and they performed a sobriety test on him while naked. He failed it right away and they got him to the station and got him some clothes. If someone doesn't have clothes on them, it doesn't mean the officer will provide them with clothes. It seems a little fishy, and the officer should get arrested and lose his job, but most likely he'll be suspended indefinitely from the force and be back on in a month or two. Yes, life is unfair...

EDIT: Oh yeah, but also remember that even in a case involving a police officer, the jury usually believes the victim's story when it's a girl, even if they are lying.

I really don't get what's the deal, really? He made some 16 year old brat who wanted to fuck a 19 year old do jumping jacks topless. She's probly a slut anyway.. But even if not, yes the cop could be some sick bastard, but then again he could have a very dark sense of humor xD

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