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Default Re: what would a guy think if he saw my boobs?

to me, pointy nipples are a turn off (i dont know if you have them or not) your areola's seem to be fine, but yes, a little smaller than i'd think other girls are

the fact is, is that it depends on the guy. if he is a boob guy, he might think its not as "nice" as what he'd want, but an ass guy might just be fine with it.

im a boob guy, and your size is fine, because to me, any boobs are nice if they arent saggy haha. the thing that turns me off is like i said, pointy boobs, and i the thing that turns me on are nice purky c's.

you should most likely be fine.

because many guys think that if they get far enough to see tits, then they are like extremely fortunate.

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