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Default Tall for my Stage?

okay, i started puberty at 14, and i was about 5'6" when i started.

i was wondering, considering that many kids start at 12, and they are like 5'2", am i "tall" for my stage?

im 15 now, and 5'7". i can cum, but its the undeveloped cum and i started ejaculating tiny amounts like 3 months ago (i turned 15 2 months ago). i have pubes 1 and 1/2 inches around the base of my dick, and they grow to be like 1" to 1 1/2". other than that and my head, i have no dark hair any where else for my stage. i have a deep voice, but i think that it's naturally like that because of my other signs.

basically, my whole family is tall. my brothers are- 6'3", 6'4", and 6'6". additionally, my dad is 6'5". my mom is like 5'8", which is a little taller than average for a woman. if it also helps, my whole males family started puberty late, like me.

but, if you can please take the previous paragraph out of the issue, will i be tall too? i was thinking so because i started puberty at like 5'6" and many kids are not that tall when they start.

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