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Tough choice between ABC and FOX. I chose ABC because of Lost.

But they've all pissed me off at some time. ABC cancelling Help Me Help You, The Nine, and Extreme Makeover. NBC cancelling Crossing Jordan, Identity, Raines, Law And Order: CI, and Thank God You're Here. CBS cancelling Close To Home. And I'm ESPECIALLY PISSED OFF at FOX, who cancelled the frickin' awesome Justice and then had the nerve to cancel the just as great Drive! And after only TWO episodes! Assholes.

But get this. FOX is sooooo gracious they are giving Drive "another chance" by giving it a slot on the fourth of July! What kind of ratingsdo ya think its gonna get ON THE FOURTH OF JULY?!

Yea, so I'm genuinly pissed at FOX.

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