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Default Official: Does penis size really matter?

I'm proposing a new stickey. Lets actually ask girls on virtualteen if size matters to them, quote them, and put it in a new stickey for proof to new comers on virtualteen. Maybe it's time we unstickey "Things to do on virtualteen".

Originally Posted by anonymous
Eh, lol, it can't be too small. But what's the point of having a huge penis, you can only get it in so far.
Originally Posted by ScotsGirl
Anyway, personally (as im sure ive said in the past) I really dont think size matters that much; its how you use it that counts .
Believe me, size is not everything! And from past experience, the bigger is definetly not always the better.
However, i understand that its a personal preference so theres gonna be some people (girls and guys) who are gonna judge...but then again, if you're ever with someone like that, they are NOT worth worrying about.
I think the key is communication - not size! If you ask a girl what she wants (and of course, vice versa) then you cannot go wrong!
This next one is in association with ScotsGirl's response:
Originally Posted by HelpMeFeel
I agree with scotsgirl, if you communicate with your partner you can't go wrong. If you've had passed partners dont just assume because one liked something, that this one will as well. SPEAK lol but size really doesn't matter and if your girl judges you for it shes not worth it.
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