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Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post
thats because you havent hit the hard of puberty, and also may not have natural oily skin.

when i was thirteen, i was clear of anything, because i hadn't started puberty.

now, at 15, im getting pimples daily (99% are on my hairline) and a lot of dirt in my skin. i wash my face with "OXY Face Wash" everyday in the shower and i think that might hold it off for right now.

basically, all of the guys in my family had to be put on hardcore prescription drugs because my dad has very oily skin. in fact, he had an acne disease as a teen, which of i forget the name, but it was just where his acne was so bad that is inflamed. he used to tell me that he had pimples the size of quarters and stuff.

even if you have started puberty AJ, you still havent developed into it enough to have acne.
DTF, are you a dee dee dee.....? Pimples are one of the first signs of puberty, well can be.. And oily skin will develop at the same time pretty much as ejaculation

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