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Default Re: what would a guy think if he saw my boobs?

i dont like the hole not worth your time part, i think not the right guy for you line is better, if he was really into big breasts that much. (going to sound crewl here just coz my poor english skills carnt think of any better words) he's not going to be atracted to you enought for it to get to the stage where your naked together. its not like breast size if hard to see (apearance can be altered slightly which is why padded bras or minimisers are pure evil). and then after that theres going to be even less people who are going to not like you over your nipples

the carnces of getting some one how's going to stop a relatioship over these things is near to non existant once you get to this point
if your at tht stage with some one i wouldnt worry about it

song; i like big tits and i connot lie,
those other f*ckers might deny
but when a girl walks in with an iddy bitty waist and puts those round things in your face she gets f*cked
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